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Helping You Plan For Success After Bankruptcy

Don’t lose sleep over your bankruptcy case! We are here to find a solution to your financial problems.
We understand that this is the time when you must protect what you have from aggressive bill collectors. But you may be exhausted by constantly worrying about your bills. Whatever your situation, you need the advice of a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney to improve your financial condition.
Some law firms only provide surface-level, instant relief for bankruptcy cases. But at Heydorn & Crull, we work hard to improve both your short-term and long-term financial condition. We may even be able to provide you services without upfront attorney fees.
Everyone’s financial situation is different. That’s why we work directly with you to find the best options. Heydorn & Crull provides one-on-one services that can solve your financial problems. Contact Heydorn & Crull and take advantage of our decades of bankruptcy experience. Contact us at (330) 461-9932 or email chriscrull10@gmail.com.

Stop Annoying Calls And Legal Actions Against You

When you’re struggling with your financial situation, your phone might be ringing off the hook with people who want their money back. But once you have us start preparing your case, your lenders can call us rather than continuing to bother you.
In almost every instance, as soon as you file your case, you are protected under federal law by the “Automatic Stay.” This provision of the Bankruptcy Code prohibits your creditors from taking any legal action to collect any debt without first getting permission from the bankruptcy court. This means that as soon as you file, the annoying phone calls will stop, along with any legal proceedings against you. Filing your case can even stop a foreclosure of your home in most cases.

Keep Your Property

In most cases, you don’t have to worry about losing your property in bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy Code allows you to protect your property by applying several generous exemptions designed to prevent the bankruptcy trustee from taking your property. These exemptions help to ensure that you have the ability and resources you need to make your fresh start. In addition to that, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies each have their own special provisions that allow you to keep your home and continue to make payments on them.

Keep Your Property

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Cases

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What About Attorney’s Fees?

The fee for any bankruptcy case involves two parts:

In each case, unless the court has waived the filing fee, we collect the filing fee and hold it until it is time to file the case. Then, when we file the case with the court, the court’s filing fee is submitted with your petition.
For both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases, we keep our fees competitive and affordable because our primary goal is to help you get on the path to good financial health.
In a Chapter 13 case, depending on your financial situation, you may be able to get your case started with a lower up-front attorney fee. We can build a portion of the attorney fees into the Chapter 13 payment plan. This means that after you deposit the court’s filing fee and a reduced up-front amount for the attorney fees, your regular monthly payment to the Chapter 13 trustee will also cover your remaining attorney fees.

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